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[Bright Star, Polaray Glory] Polaray Star Mercedes-Benz Center Anniversary Celebration
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On 1st July, Polaray Star Mercedes-Benz Center held anniversary celebration thanks party. In the past year, lead by General Manager Liu Xiaoyong, Polaray Star Mercedes-Benz has achieved 10,000 members and soaring sales performance, among which after-sales service has gained consistent praise in the industry. Customers are provided with the best quality of service. 


Beijing Polaray Star Mercedes-Benz Center is the tenth Mercedes-Benz brand center in the globe as well as the largest Mercedes-Benz flagship store in Asia. Since its establishment, company always insists with operation philosophy of “infinite joy and long-lasting sincerity”, and is dedicated to providing best quality Mercedes-Benz products and best excellent after-sales service for wide range of customers. 



On the occasion of this anniversary celebration, in order to express appreciation for the support given by old and new clients to Polaray Star Mercedes-Benz Center, we have hold anniversary return banquet, bringing some cool to car members in summer.


Mr. Yang Changfa, market director of Polaray Star Mercedes-Benz Center delivered a welcome speech, extending warm welcome and sincere gratitude to all the present guests on behalf of Polaray Star Mercedes-Benz Center.

Mr. Sun Xin, after-sales director of Polaray Star Mercedes-Benz Center introduced the newest car member upgrading welfare policy in detail. Noble, intimate and exclusive upgrading service project has gained rounds of applause and expectation of present car member guests.  


During this activity, Polaray Star Mercedes-Benz Center specially organized charity auction section of “Star Dreams”, during which many boutiques produced in original factory were auctioned. Money collected from the auction will donate directly to Beijing Sun Villages. Polaray Star Mercedes-Benz Center actively attends public welfare project and implements corporate social responsibility. 


In the future, Polaray Star Mercedes-Benz Center will continuously improve service quality. Every staff of Polaray Star Mercedes-Benz Center always believes that as the tenth Mercedes-Benz center in the globe and the largest flagship store in Asia, they will allow every car member enjoy star first-class service at Polaray Star Mercedes-Benz Center with same service but different experience.



Here, we would like to thank efforts made by every colleague at Polaray Star Mercedes-Benz Center. We will build Mercedes-Benz brand service benchmark by thoughtful service and diverse experience. Meanwhile, we would like to thank support from every loyal Mercedes-Benz client; we hope the future of Polaray Star Mercedes-Benz Center will be better.


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