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China New Silk Road Economic & Cultural Development Center -- Linking China and the World
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Since the national layout of “Belt and Road” initiative, China New Silk Road Economic & Cultural Development Center actively implements it in order to bring capacity which has comparative advantages to go global, taking capital as bond. China New Silk Road Economic & Cultural Development Center responds to national calls at the first time and after prudential analysis, guiding members of the center to set up Dubai China Center at Burj Khalifa. Dubai New Silk Road Company is launched; China Center and affiliates of New Silk Road Company are set up in Poland, France, Iran, Russia and Myanmar in order to promote related business.


The Center is based on policy communication, facility connection, smooth trade, financing accommodation and connection public minds. In integrating advantageous resources in Asia, Europe and Africa and building cooperation exchange platform between Chinese enterprises and business partners around the world, the Center has achieved many fruitful results till now.


1Poland China Europe Train Railway Transport Logistics Chain

Poland is a must pass, bridgehead and first stop for railway transport between China and Europe. Through purchasing Poland Lodz Railway Logistics Park, Railway Switching Tracks Center and Locomotive Traction Company, as well as layout of every procedure of China-Europe logistics full industry chain, it will finally realize “door-to-door” logistics service between China and Europe and integrates China Europe trains alongside logistics resource network. It will lay solid foundation for railway “Belt and Road” initiative, and build commodity trading platform of logistics, finance and trade service linking China and Europe.

 “China-Europe Full Logistics Chain” project is established on the basis of infrastructure of China-Europe railway. It builds finance service platform for cooperation partners and clients in full logistics chain, and commodity trade platform for partners and clients while provides business services such as e-commerce, business consultation and events and exhibition.


2Hydropower projects in Nepal

Nepal has very good and abundant hydropower resources, low level of development and utilization. There exists critical power shortage in Nepal and some states of India nearby Nepal, so there is huge market demand. However, Nepal’s investment capacity and infrastructure development capacity is insufficient, while China has advantages in industry and capital. By way of merger, cooperation permission application and use of different investment platforms, members of the Center have mastered more than 5000MW high quality hydropower resources, which have laid a solid foundation for comprehensive development and investment of supporting grid in the future. Due to that these hydropower resources will be fully adopted Chinese standards; it can bring China’s export of complete power equipment, materials, technology and labor valuing over 40 billion RMB. Theoretically, total revenue of operation phase is over 15 billion USD


3 Global Innovation Incubation Park Project in Seattle

The Center organizes its members to co-develop core block around institute according to GIX Microsoft Seattle. Relying on advantages of global innovation talents accumulation, first-class innovation industry incubation park and innovation project investment center will be created, furthermore, innovation talent apartment and joint lab will be built. This will provide opportunity for matching Chinese capital with world’s cutting-edge technology, sharing global innovation results and docking world’s top level of innovation technology and talents with industry in China. 

 Through international vision and resource and by way of investment and resource integration, the Center adheres to development direction of “Belt and Road” imitative and is committed to creating investment, trade and exchange as one of links between China and the world. The Center hopes to better serve “Belt and Road” initiative of country in the future, leading more Chinese capital and competitive industry to the world, providing better service alongside the countries to achieve win-win situation.


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